Perspective of Different Microsoft Softwares

MS Word:

Microsoft word is a powerful MS Office tool that helps the user to work with documents. It allows the users to create, edit, save and work with the available data. It is a very important tool that not only helps individuals but also plays a crucial role in helping big business organisations in data management. It helps in creating Resumes, drafting emails, writing letters, content creation, managing and recording data etc. It is a quick and easy way to manage data. It allows the users to insert various predetermined templates, tons of fonts, charts, etc. to create an attractive document.

MS Excel:

Microsoft Excel is also known as a commercial spreadsheet application of Microsoft office. The major objective of MS Excel is to enable the users to perform basic calculations, use graphic tools, create pivot tables, macros etc. It is a powerful tool that allows the users to sort data in the cells and arrange the data in rows and columns for easy reference. Apart from all the above functions, it also helps the user to display or convert the data into attractive charts, graphs, histograms, line graphs etc.

MS Powerpoint:

MS PowerPoint is another powerful tool of MS office that helps a user to create a professional-looking presentation, with the help of various useful functions such as attractive slides, animations, videos, audios, transition effect and many more formatting options which will help the user to create a promising presentation. It is considered to be the best in the market to build a visual presentation composed of individual slides. It is most commonly used by business people and students to design slide show presentations.

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